Collection FW 15/16

 100% h.a.n.d.m.a.d.e. – 100% b.a.b.y.a.l.p.a.c.a. – 100% f.a.i.r.f.a.s.h.i.o.n.

For this years collection k l o é has been given a major upgrade.
Off course I’m still working with the beautiful babyalpaca yarn but now with new models, new colors and a new honest, fair and slow fashion concept.
The HANDMADE by k l o é line brings you 10 very well chosen designs.


3 headbands


twisted headband:

A headband with a twist, my favorite of the collection. Handknitted in 100% baby alpaca and provided with a fleece lining to keep that nasty wind out. Wear the twist straight or give it a little turn and wear it at the side. Haarband-K 800 - 72 Kloé-3

ribbed headband:

Handknitted in 100% babyalpaca with a fleece lining to give some more comfort. Wearable with the seem in front or in the back. Feel free to play a little with this one. Haarband-N 800 - 72 Kloé-14 18 september 2015 3872 x 2592

cable headband:

A 100% baby alpaca handknitted headband with a beautiful cable pattern that makes it a real eyecatcher. Being this wide it gives you a warm-ear garantuee!Haarband-K 800 - 72 Kloé-18

3 beanies


baggy beanie:

This hand-crocheted baggy beanie is a classic in the collection. It’s unisex and made from 100% baby alpaca. The fleece lining will make sure the wind doesn’t tickle your ears and makes this beauty even more comfy and cosy as it allready looks. Bieggie 800 - 72 Kloé-54

brushed beanie:

A lightweigted fluffy beanie made from 100% babyalpaca . You can wear this unisex beanie in a classic way with a double border or you can go for a more trendy way and wear it slouchy. Instant Brad Pitt look for all the men out there ;-).Br-Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-26

pompon beanie:

Pompons for the win with this one. Handknitted and provided with a cool big pompon, this beanie is a real musthave. The 100% babyalpaca makes it very soft and very comfartable to wear, in a classic way or slightly oversized. Bol-Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-32


3 scarves and 1 collar


classic scarf:

A classic scarf, unique by it’s beautiful knitting pattern. Handknitted with lots of love. Perfect for a gentleman to wear with his suit, or for his date that just loves a beautifull knit. Measures about 35cm X 175cm.Sjaal-Kl 800 - 72 Kloé-63

triangle scarf:

Don’t be square, be triangula(i)r! This fluffy triangle can be your perfect cover up to keep your neck nice and warm or just wrap it around your shoulders as a plaid.Driehoeken 800 - 72 Kloé-60

xl scarf:

Handknitted with the softest and purest fluffy babyalpaca, this big luxurious beauty will be your partner in crime throughout the winter. Very fashionable with her length of 220 cm and really pretty to combine with a headband or beanie.Sjaal-Gr 800 - 72 Kloé-73


An easy to wear, lightweighted collar. You won’t be taking this one off once you’ve pulled it over your head. The thermoregulating capacity of the wool makes it perfect to keep it on when your inside.




For the colors I’ve tried to go for 7 very basic, naturel and timeless shades.
Off White, Taupe, Marron, Salmon, Light grey, Dark grey, Navy
All these colors are easy to wear, easy to combine and unisex (ok maybe not for the salmon pink)

Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-52 Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-53Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-48

Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-51
Bieggie 800 - 72 Kloé-54Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-55
Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-50

designed in Belgium, handmade in Peru


This collection is the first one that has been created in Belgium and made in Peru.
As said in my previous blog I really want to work around the slow fashion concept.

By using the babyalpaca yarn that is very sustainable and by creating basic designs that won’t go out of style I’m already introducing this concept into my collection. Off course the handmade part of the production process contributes to this in a more literally way .

Wanting to do more and searching for a good cause, me and found each other online and we’ve started a knitting atelier with some grannies that live in the slums of Lima. Worldgranny want’s to give these elderly women a chance to participate in an active aging process by organizing knitting workshops where they can come together and do what they love.
By putting production in their hands k l o é can give them an honest pension they so desperately need.
Proud to be part of this good cause I’m looking forward to let k l o é grow even more to next year.
I hope you guy’s like what you see when the entire collection will go online in a few days.


And don’t forget:
Always wear you k l o é on your first date, you’ll do awsome!!

Chloé of k l o é