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What started out as a melancholic pastime a few years ago, soon evolved into a passion.
Since entrepreneurial butterflies swirl through my veins, this passion quickly evolved into an ambition. As one thing naturally leads to another, my label “k l o é” came into existence.
Yes, k l o é with a ‘k’. Because the on with the ‘C’ was already taken :-).

alpaca fleece

My love for good quality and basic designs inspired me to create my first winter collection using baby alpaca yarn. This yarn is a natural silky wool known for its extraordinary characteristics: hypoallergenic, thermoregulating and übersoft! Once you will experience the touch of this great material you will never want to wear anything else.

After a few crazy winter months of crocheting and knitting every single evening after work, I had a major decision to make: stay small and take a little step back or look for help. I eagerly decided upon the latter. In my search for assistance, I stumbled upon ByWorldGranny, a non-profit organization that helps elderly people world-wide to evade exclusion, solitude and poverty. We decided to collaborate.

In March 2015, I packed my bags and ventured to Peru with a single aspiration: to found a professional, sustainable and social knitting studio with local grannies, who were already taking part in the WorldGranny program. Currently, more than 10 Peruvian grannies (for sure THE best knitters in the world) are lovingly hand knitting the majority of the collection. (cc: HelpAge  -Tom Weller)


So, if you’re going to buy or already own a k l o é…give yourself a massive hug and be aware that on the other side of the world a granny is also being enveloped in your joyous embrace. Your purchase not only ensures that she obtains an honest salary, but also enables her to continue to participate in an active and social aging process.

Oh, and don’t forget: Always wear your k l o é on a first date, magic guaranteed!
XOXO Chloé from k l o é


  1. Beste Cloé! Proficiat met jouw opstart ! Jouw concept is FANTASTISCH en ontroerend. Jij bent nog maar eens de bevestiging dat artisanale artikelen niet persé gepaard gaan met uitbuiting van de meest zwakken in onze maatschappij. Jij bent een inspiratie voor velen, ook voor mij. Ik hoop jou te kunnen ontmoeten binnenkort! Succes met jouw zaak ! Ik ben alvast fan !

    1. Beste Lilly,
      Bedankt voor de zeer mooie woorden!
      Je bent altijd welkom om eens een kijkje te komen nemen op one private homesale deze zaterdag 24 oktober.
      Alle info voor het event vind je terug op de facebookpagina!

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