Did anybody say BEANIE

These days you can’t say hat without thinking BEANIE

Beanies are like THE must have item for your winterwardrobe.
Keeping the slow fashion concept in mind, I’ve chosen 3 very basic designs that will always be fashionable and won’t go out of style next saison.

All 3 models are unisex, so no more excuses for all your hubbies!


The baggy beanie

Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-53We have the basic baggy beanie, crocheted and with a fleece lining to keep the wind out. Very trendy, warm and timeless.
This beauty is made by me myself and I and it can be ordered in all the beautiful colors from the collection. I can make it for your mini-me’s but also as an XXXL for your mastermind hubby.

kloé _1 a_MG_7134


The pompon beanie

Bol-Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-30

The second one is a very pretty pompon beanie that can be worn in a classic way with a warm double border, or for you hipsters out here, wear it slouchy and let that pompon do its thing in the back.

kloé 2kloé _42


The brushed beanie

Br-Beggie 800 - 72 Kloé-25

Our third beanie is perfect for the in between kinda days. A true lightweight baggy beanie. Off course also unisex, and guys… it will give you that instand Brad Pitt look!
Don’t be mistaken though by it’s fluffy lightweight, the babyalpaca still makes it very warm and ubersoft to wear!

kloé _2kloé _33

Let’s beanie away!

XOXO Chloé of k l o é