Headbands for everyone 

Headbands headbands headbands.

Haarband-K 800 - 72 Kloé-6 Haarband-N 800 - 72 Kloé-10 18 september 2015 3872 x 2592 Haarband-K 800 - 72 Kloé-21

My absolute favourite thing to wear during fall and winter times.

They keep those ears from freezing off and won’t ruin your heardo.
And because we are having like the warmest winter ever, grmbl…. it’s a nice winter accesory to wear without being overdressed with these temperatures.


This season k l o é has 3 different models in the collection:

The cable headband


Haarband-K 800 - 72 Kloé-22This one is new in the collection. It’s a little wider than the other two models and has a very beautifull cable knitted pattern all way round.

It doesn’t have a fleece lining inside because it already is very thick and warm, but the fleece lining can be ordered, advantages of handmade pieces ;-).

Available in all 7 colors of the collection.


The ribbed headband


Haarband-N 800 - 72 Kloé-13 18 september 2015 3872 x 2592The ribbed headband is a little looser then the other two models and can be worn in different ways.

Wear it with the rib in front, or a little more at the side to have a more sofisticated look, or wear your rib in the back if you want to cover your forehead when you go on a bikeride or when there’s a lot of wind.


The twisted headband


Haarband-K 800 - 72 Kloé-9The third one is already a classic in the k l o é collection. The twisted headband gives you that extra little bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Wear the twist in front or give it a little twist to wear it at the side.

You really can’t go wrong with this one.


All of these beauties make a perfect unique gift to give to one of your girlfriends or loved ones.
Who doesn’t want to get a pure babyalpaca handmade sustainable gift with a story…

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