Hola, guten Morgen, Hi and Au revoir

Thank god I live in Belgium and I can speak 4 languages and understand some Spanish. Thinking I would only be using my english was a little bit stupid looking back on it now.

On my flight over here I sat next to a very lovely lady Carmen, from Bern in Suisse. We started talking to each other and now she will be guiding me trough Lima next week. Really looking forward to see the more local side of tis town instead of only the big buildings in Miraflores. Because the taxi drivers are not all that honest and trustworthy I’m not allowed to take a cab all by myself to go and explore more of the city but with some help from a friend I think it will be great… And yummie because she will let me to discover some local dishes outside of the tourist areas.

So, my German got me going places. Whoop

When I went to the Mallkini ranch, there were 2 other guy’s joining me there. Remi and Quentin are the sweetest guys from Bordaux, France. I was extremely happy that they were with me on the ranch for some company and help with the language. I speak some French but with my Spanish I wouldn’t get very far I’m afraid. ( Time to do something about that don’t you think).

During my meeting with Alejandro English was our main communication tool. Most of the younger people here in Peru do understand a little English so thank god for that.

So as you can see my Latin-Modern Languages education paid off on this trip for sure :-D.

It has been such a crazy busy week the first week in Peru that I even didn’t get the chance to blog about it.

The regime of Eat, Sleap, Work, Be Flabbergasted, Repeat has been a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. But so worth it!

From tomorrow on I will be blogging about everything that has been going on here in Peru so stay tuned to be blown away about so many beautiful and interesting things!


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